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About Us

Why Roxbury Roots?


Roxbury Roots Montessori, Inc. is the vision of its founder, Renee Jolley, who wished to address a need by bringing the magic of Montessori education to a community that looked like her. Having taught in the Montessori classroom for years, she desired to have a local program that would benefit children who derived from African-centered backgrounds and families from all backgrounds who wished to expose their children to multiculturalism within the classroom. The program began as a small, parent-child initiative, educating parents on how to complement their little learner's education at home. It grew into a home-based program offering care to six families and has since blossomed in seeking to serve more children by becoming a center-based program. Roxbury Roots Montessori, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN number is: 84-1964356.

From the time Kendall Allen was a child, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. As time evolved, that dream shifted from solely desiring to teach to also hoping to shift the educational experience for children by designing and opening her own school. Her commitment to alternative forms of education, hands-on learning opportunities for children, and positive self-image work guided her in the process of considering a model that would meet the needs of all children, with a particular emphasis on children of color. Roxbury Roots Montessori, Inc. envisions those goals.

Having met and connected through the Wildflower Diversity Initiative and trained in the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center together, Renee and Kendall embarked on the journey of opening a school together. This school is the culmination of their dreams and hopes for a brighter future for our children!

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Renee A. Jolley

Renee is a life-long resident of Boston and has a special love for Roxbury. She has a passion for teaching young children and has been working in childcare for over 30 years. She has been teaching within Montessori education for the last 13 years and is now realizing her dream of opening a Montessori school in Roxbury.

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Kendall A. Allen

Kendall is a passionate educator who has been working with children and adolescents for the past 15 years. She holds a license in Middle School English/Language Arts Education and has recently completed her Montessori Training for the primary classroom, in addition to her ongoing work with women, children, and families from a holistic and spiritual lens at UmmIman.Org.


Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

Meet the Board

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Ambrose Davis

Board Clerkship

Ambrose Davis-Lawson is a

Clinical Business Analyst at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston, MA.  Ambrose worked in the Healthcare administrative and patient access delivery system for the past thirty years. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the school's mission. 

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Marisa Luse

Board of Directors

Marisa Luse is a long-time community activist, Roxbury native, mother of two, and a social entrepreneur with over 20+ years of non-profit and community

health experience. She is excited to share her expertise on the board.

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Michelle J. Sausen

Board of Directors

 Micki Sausen is the former Teacher/Leader and Head of School at Dandelion Montessori in Somerville, MA.  She has been a Montessori teacher for close to 35 years and an administrator for the past 6 years. As a fellow Wildflower, she is eager to see Roxbury Roots thrive!

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